Job Part 3 – Three friends and two gods

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Some reactions to suffering from the Book of Job:


Job himself:



I’m not making this up!

Just make it stop!

I’m innocent – I don’t deserve this!


How can I prove I’m innocent?

Everything is pointless

God is capricious and cruel

God is inaccessible

You’ve already made up your mind about me

God is a bully

God has tricked me!

There are two different gods


Maybe I do deserve it

When you’re dead you’re dead

Why won’t God come and talk to me?



Those observing:




Shocked silence

Pull yourself together

Making light of his suffering

I have a word from the Lord for you

If I were you …

You must have some secret sin in your life

This is really God blessing you




God must be right, so just fess up

You’re not a very good Jew/Christian

If God really gave you what you deserve …

Who do you think you are?

Just have faith

God can do what he likes with you