Culture and the Mind of Christ

Part 1 – Introduction to Culture


Culture: ‘The way we do things around here’. The unquestioned set of assumptions we have about life and how everything works.

Worldview: The way in which we see the world and understand how it works. Divided into three different areas:

Metaphysics: the big questions about life, the universe and everything. For example: Is there a God or not?

Epistemology: how we know what we know. From where do we get the information to answer the big metaphsyical questions? For example: How do I know where there is a God or not?

Ethics: How should I live well in the light of my metaphysics and my epistemology? What is right and wrong, and what dictates what’s right or wrong. For example: if I conclude that there isn’t a God, because I can’t see any empirical evidence, what does that say about how I should live my life?

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